Sep. 9, 2021

Best WordPress Themes for Ecommerce Store

Do you have a dream for online shop that attracts customers immediately? It sounds like it should be a lot of work, but it’s not.Using the best WordPress ecommerce themes, you can quickly set up a website that makes it easy for customers to buy whatever you’re selling.You want to find a theme that looks good and speaks to your brand. Something that organizes your store in a sensible way.
This guide will help you select an ecommerce WordPress theme that works to your shop’s advantage and offers everything you need to see more sales.
Flatsome’s design focuses on making ecommerce easier for people on both sides of the screen. That’s part of what makes it the most popular WordPress theme on ThemeAtlas.
Its versatility makes it easy to use and especially convenient when you need to make quick site changes, list new products, or even do a complete overhaul. Flatsome’s designs focus on being intuitive for users and do updates regularly to keep everything current.
2. Porto:
Porto has an ecommerce-specific design with over 20 premade demos to help you build your site. It even divides its design variations into niches, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your business without sifting through a list of layouts.
Many of Porto’s designs look similar, so if you want something completely one-of-a-kind, it may not work for you. However, the designs it does have give any site a functional, clean look ready for any ecommerce industry.
Shopkeeper focuses on ecommerce first by prioritizing conversions and sales for your shop. With extensive product pages for long-form content, reviews, images, and related products, you have all the tools you need to draw in customers.
Shopkeeper works well for beginners and people who don’t want to spend a ton of time building their site before starting to sell their products. This theme has pre-built layouts for your homepage and individual product pages, so you don’t have to worry about coding.
4. Halena:
Despite its minimalist design, Halena still has enough options to make your shop stand out, including:
·        Quick view
·        Product display options
·        Lookbooks
·        Shopping cart
·        Accounts and order tracking
Despite being pre-built, Halena still offers a good amount of customization. You can add progress bars and customized pricing tables, milestone counters, change button types, and add calls to action throughout your site.
5. Astra:
Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes, even outside of ecommerce. It works with different page builders, like Elementor, and has tons of features for performance, design, layout, and more.
Even with the free version, you get everything from custom and responsive fonts to SEO integrations. When you upgrade to the Pro version, that’s when the real magic begins. It has all the ecommerce features missing from the free version.
With Pro, you can make online shopping more convenient for your customers. You can enable custom features like infinite scroll, a dropdown cart, quick view, sales bubble style, and more. You even have plenty of gallery options to create a comprehensive catalog or portfolio.